Quilting Cotton Fabric Charm Squares Meadow Edge By Maywood Studios

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Modern 100% Cotton Maywood Studios Designs Charm Packs

All it takes is one bad experience to show you just how much value good quality cotton charm packs are worth. When you need top-notch quality and modern quilting cotton, you’ll find Maywood Studios Designs printed charm packs to offer everything you need in a fun print and color combination that you’ll love.

As classic as they get, each carefully measured square of this modern quilting cotton is going to be the quilter’s choice for its look, feel, and quality. These Maywood Studios Designs printed charm packs are designed for the quilter or sewer that wants personality-infused prints with the same long-term quality that makes them the right choice.

These cotton charm packs are sold in combinations of 42 and each square will be as simple as dropping it in place on your project as needed and as expected for the right results. It’s nice to have that kind of trust in your choice for a project without having second guesses.

  • Vibrant Maywood Studios Designs printed charm packs offer all sorts of users
  • Modern quilting cotton offers up standard 5x5” squares for classic quilt use as well as general sewing use
  • Each of these cotton charm packs is made from 100% cotton and is high quality durable, and perfect for your project