Kona Niagara Quilting Cotton - Solid Fabric Collection

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Colourful 100% Cotton Kona Jelly Roll Quilting Fabric

From one project to the next, you can never go wrong with a themed Kona quilting fabric. When you’re searching for a way to add colour and personality to your work in progress, each piece of this cotton quilting fabric is going to infuse in, detail by detail. In uniform strips for all sorts of projects, this colourful cotton for sewing or quilting is quality-made and adaptable to all sorts of jobs.

Sold in rolls of 40, this jelly roll-themed Kona quilting fabric will be handy for all sorts of blankets. From classic quilting to sewing one project to the next, you can never go wrong with a high-quality cotton quilting fabric that just adds that little something extra to that pattern. Best of all is the fact that each swatch of this colourful cotton for sewing is cut to a set size strip so that you can simply pull it for the roll, put it in place, and get to work!

  • Unique themed Kona quilting fabric useful for sewing and quilting all sorts of projects
  • Bright and cheerful colourful cotton for sewing delivers the versatility you need with a quality that you can trust for all of your projects
  • Fun jelly roll-themed cotton quilting fabric to add some cheer to your project of choice