Kona Quilting Cotton Solids Snow Fabric By Robert Kaufman

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Searching for cotton quilting fabric means starting from the right point. When it comes to quality, you know that Kona quilting material is going to be your best best. Find your top choices for solid colour Kona cotton in Canada right here.

Regardless of what kind of project you are working on, you need cotton quilting fabric that is up to the task. From face masks to classic quilts to apparel, you're finished product is only as good as its core materials. Kona quilting material has been tried and tested for years and stands the test of time, usability, and overall quality. If you’re searching for Kona cotton in Canada, this is your go-to hub.

Each of these solid colours is rich, accurate, and designed with quality in mind from both the actual cotton quality to the colour from one corner to the other. For unbeatable quality, look no further.

  • Solid coloured Kona quilting material makes it easier to get just the right yardage with no worry about dye differentiations or fading
  • Cotton quilting fabric is designed for no shortage of projects and will be reliable for anything you want to create
  • High-quality Kona cotton in Canada that is readily available and made to the same standard that you’d find elsewhere